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Puppy Application

First name

Last name


Street address



Zip Code

Phone Number

Email Address

Email Address

Email Address

Do you have a preference in gender? Are you flexible with this?

Do you have a preference in size?

Do you have a preference in color and coat type? Are you flexible with this?

When are you looking to add a puppy to your family?

Do you have any young children in the household?

Do you have any other dogs or pets in your household?

What made you decide to choose a labradoodle?

How many hours during the day will your puppy be left alone?

Are you and your family committed to caring for this dog for his/her entire lifetime? Their average lifespan is 15yrs old.

Have you ever raised a puppy?

Will you commit to attending obedience class to properly train and socialize your puppy?

Briefly describe your family’s lifestyle. Be sure to let us know the types of activities you plan to be doing with your dog. This assists us in matching the best puppy for your specific family.

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