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Guardian Program

Being a guardian family for a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet at a greatly reduced price. A Guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for the dog throughout his/her breeding career. In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family when the dog is retired from his or her breeding career.


Requirements of Guardian home:


  • We require that you live within 30 miles of our home (We live in Cary, NC just outside of Raleigh).

  • Must have a physically fenced yard and own your own home.

  • Primary caregiver must have a schedule that allows the dog to not be left alone for extended periods on a regular basis.

  • Must be willing to return the dog to us as needed throughout the year for various reasons, including veterinary appointments, breeding, giving birth and raising puppies. Female breeders will stay with us for approximately 6-8 weeks following the birth of the litter. Males are needed for shorter periods of time, typically a few days for breeding's.

  • Must be able to accept and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules and the use of various medications.

  • Puppies will require a high quality dog food recommended by breeder.

  • Must be willing  and able to train the dog and provide regular exercise and socialization.

Our guardian homes are responsible for any routine maintenance and medical care. Any breeding related medical costs for the guardian dog are at the expense of Mandevilla Labradoodles.

Please fill out a puppy application if you are interested in joining our breeding program as a Guardian Family, and write Guardian next to your name on the application.

Gustav 11 weeks old.jpg

Gus (DOB 3/6/24) is a mini and will end up around 25 to 30 pounds. He is ready to go to his guardian family now.

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