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Please email us at or call 919-665-9828 if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you! 


 We are a small in home breeder and do not have a kennel facility that is available for visitation.  With many requests to visit, we just can not handle the interruptions to our home life or the care of our puppies. Many of our dogs do not reside here in our home but live as family pets with their Guardians. 

Parvo virus is a real threat to the lives of young puppies that are not fully vaccinated and we absolutely do not take visitors to see the puppies.  Canine Parvo Virus is a deadly communicable disease. It is transferred on shoes, clothes and hands and can easily be picked up and carried on the soles of your shoes without you knowing that you have been exposed! So please be understanding about our no visitor policy, it is for the safety of our puppies!

When planning a trip to our home to pick up your new puppy, we ask that you not visit other places where dogs have been prior to visiting. Parvo virus is very persistent and difficult to get rid of and it can live in the soil for up to 3 years.  

Available males 4 weeks old.JPG
Ronja's green collar boy 6 weeks old #2.
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