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Mandevilla Clementine

Due Date: 9/22/2021

Go home date: 11/19/2021

size: 30-40 pounds

colors: Black, red, apricot and chocolate with white markings 

Jubilee's Mr. Seamus.JPG

Lake Blue's Seamus

Reservation list is full until puppies are born

  1. Breeder reservation

  2. Andrew - Durham, NC

  3. Lang L - Highlands, NC

  4. Priyanka S - Wilmington, DE

  5. Lizzy H - Highlands, NC

  6. Bonnie B - Carolina Beach, NC

Reservation list is updated daily with any changes in availability

Previous Seamus and Clementine puppies

clementine's red collar boy 6 weeks old.
clementine's blue collar boy 6 weeks old
Clementine's grey collar girl 6 weeks ol
Clementine's black collar girl 6 weeks o