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Ronja's & Oscar's puppies born May 2020

Ronja's puppies 7 weeks old.JPG

Petunia's & Pappy's puppies born August 2020

Petunia's puppies group picture.JPG

Ronja's and Oscar's puppies born December 2020

Ronja's puppies 8 weeks old #2.JPG

Clementine's & Seamus puppies born March 2021

Clementine's girls.jpg
Clementine's boys.jpg

Petunia's & Pappy's puppies born March 2021

Petunia's puppies 2021.jpg

Ronja's and Sheldon's puppies born May 2021

Ronja's puppies 7 weeks old #8.jpg

Bell's and Romeo's puppies born August 2021

Bell's puppies 7 weeks old.jpg

Emma's and Pappy's puppies born November 2021

Emma's puppies 7 weeks old.JPG

Petunia's and Romeo's  puppies born November 2021

Petunia's litter.jpg

Maya's and Romeo's  puppies born January 2022

Maya's puppies 7 weeks old.JPG

Clementine's & Gatsby's puppies born March 2022

Clementine's puppies 8 weeks old.JPG

Roxie's and Pappy's puppies born June 2022

Roxie's puppies group picture August 22 #2.JPG

Magnolia's and Sheldon's puppies born August 2022

Maggie's puppies 7 weeks old #3.JPG

Blossom's and Romeo's puppies born September 2022

Blossom's puppies 7 weeks old #3.JPG

Pretzel's and Romeo's puppies born January 2023

Pretzel's puppies 8 weeks old #2.JPG
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