Sun Valley's Ronja

Ronja's and Oscar's litter

DOB: May 18

Go Home: July 11

6 boys and 6 girls

Size: 25-40 pounds

Color: Black and apricot with white tuxedo markings

Lake Blue's Oscar the Bandit

Reservation list is full

  1. Breeder reservation (Black/White female)

  2. Breeder reservation (Black/White female)

  3. Breeder reservation (Black/White female)

  4. Jennifer - Tulsa, OK (Apricot/White)

  5. Sonya - Wake Forest (Black/White)

  6. Elizabeth - New Bedford, MA (Apricot/White)

  7. Mike - Powell, OH (Boy)

  8. Elisabeth - Cary

  9. Rich Chang - Raleigh (apricot/white)

  10. Kevin - Westford, MA

  11. Emilie - Goldsboro

  12. Suzy - Wake Forest

Seven weeks old puppies

Red Collar Girl

Orange Collar Girl

Yellow Collar Girl

Purple Collar Girl

Grey Collar Girl

Pink Collar Girl

Green Collar Boy

Teal Collar Boy

No Collar Boy

Black Collar Boy

Blue Collar Boy

Mint Collar Boy